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Worried about the new Facebook privacy settings? Here’s how to update yours.

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Facebook recently unveiled their new look. Love it or hate it, the changes are universal and many people are revealing more than they wanted in their status updates.

The new Facebook will now allow you to watch movies, listen to songs or read newspapers without leaving Facebook. Unfortunately, it also tells your audience that you’re doing each of these, as you’re doing them. It’s doubtful that your audience needs to know every song you listen to throughout the day, so to stop them from simply opting out of your updates, make the changes to your privacy setting like this:

1. Go to your own Facebook wall (click on your name in the menu bar on the top right of your screen).

2. Click the drop down arrow on that same spot in the menu bar and choose Privacy Settings. While you’re here you might want to check all of your settings.

4. Click the Edit Settings beside Apps and scroll to find your media apps. In each app, set the settings so that Only Me is chosen. This will mean you’re listening habits are no longer in the public timeline and you are free to listen to show tunes without ridicule once more!

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