I've had a horrible experience with a third-party recruiter. She contacted me a about a job. I went for interviews and the company was thrilled. They wanted to pursue me further. The recruiter, however, has not kept up with her commitments. She has also made many things difficult because she does not understand the position for which she is recruiting. How do you get around bad third-party recruiters?

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You can't. She represented you and that's the end of that story. I feel like there is something missing from your side of the story too. It's odd that if you were the "hot" candidate for this company there would be a lot more activity moving you along. And if the recruiter is suddenly cold, there's a reason for that. Maybe she doesn't want to be completely honest with you.
I just read this. It makes no sense.
I went for interviews and the company was thrilled.
Sounds like that converstaion in here a couple days ago about the signal the clueless candidate who says he "nailed the interview" gave off.
If the recruiter doesn't understand the position, how on earth could he or she have found YOU, and how were you able to thrill the company?

Reality check - if a company wants to "pursue you further", they'll do so..they have their own internal staffing folks who have your phone number and email.

maybe they're just not that into you.
I found that if you the recruiter introduce someone to a company and the company wants to hire and the candidate wants the job, there is not much the recruiter can do to stand in that way so since there is so little on your profile here and your post makes very little sense to those who know about how to make placements, if no one has a major issue with this, I am going to shut this post down. I rarely ever do it but scream loud if anyone has an issue with that.
ok. we will leave it. good point

Maren Hogan said:
This is what I think. Tara had a bad experience. She is unsure of the reasons why the experience was bad and posted it on a forum where she thought perhaps she could gain some insight (probably why her profile is incomplete). Unfortunately, her explanation as incomplete and language may have put many on the defensive.

It was posted less than 24 hours ago and while many have asked for clarification, I wonder if we have given it enough time. I don't understand the impoetus to shut it down.
Once you got interviewed with the employer why did the recruiter have any input? The recruiter gets you to connect with the employer. After that the employer makes the decision to hire. Are you saying that the employer wanted to interview many people before making a decision? That is very typical of many employers and again it has little to do with the recruiter. Now maybe you are talking about an independent head-hunter. This is a recruiter but it is like the difference between a Tuna and a Shark. A head-hunter is in the business of trying to get people who may not be looking for work to join a company similar to the one who employs them. This id frequently the case with a new start-up. Sometimes this works out great but I can also tell you horror stories about how someone gave up a good (not exciting) job with a seasoned company to take an exciting job with a newer company and then the newer company went bankrupt 2 years later! Life is full of risks but we need more information on this post to understand why you think the recruiter is bad!
I think we need to decide if we are open or not. Ning is a pretty open forum that allows people to use a central search engine to discover interesting groups. I think we should post on the main page a rule about having a total profile at the risk of being banned from the group. It is very true that we are in a business where we need to be sure who and what we are dealing with before we speak. I have been burned a couple of times because I thought I knew someone well enough to send them for an interview and was very embarrassed when the employer gave me the feedback that they were not even close to what they were looking for. This was a case where someone had "reworked" the resume's for the candidate. Some of that is serious fiction! As an independent recruiter who is also International I can tell you that we are in the middle of the "perfect storm". The recruiter for the company gets to know the company very well. The recruiter that operates a "bank" of employees in one or two industries can get to know what is going on pretty well. I have placed people in over 100 different industries. I refuse to be a headhunter. I only connect people who are actively seeking a new placement. If someone is happy where they are then I leave them alone. Most of my clients come to me I do not always go to them. If I do go fishing I usually do so by saying that I am looking for a web designer and since that is your field I was wondering if you had any friends looking for work in (whatever area of the world the job is placed).

Rayanne said:
I think the impetus is that it is hard to believe that Tara is even in the industry, HR or Recruiting, nor is she a vendor. While, she may have had a bad experience this isn't her forum... She should contact Claudia and get a little Wednesday Wisdom. I suspect her profile is incomplete because she didn't know how to fill in the requested questions...

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