A random Google alert brought me to this article from Janis Petrini. This is either a helpful insightful tip for job seekers, or a blatant ad for Express Pros.That aside, Janis lists;

Myth: Staffing companies charge you to apply for a job 

One of the misconceptions people have about staffing companies is that they charge people to apply for a job.

Truth: Most staffing companies do not charge you a fee to apply. That means you don’t pay anything out of your pocket. It’s completely free! And you don’t owe them anything after you get hired either.

Myth: Staffing companies only have temporary jobs

Another misconception about getting a job through a staffing company is that you’ll be stuck in a position without advancement opportunities.

Truth: There are numerous jobs available through staffing agencies. And those jobs can potentially lead to full-time employment. Think of it this way; the skills you learn during your time as a temporary worker can help shape you to become a great candidate when the time comes for that position to be opened up as a full-time job. According to the ASA, 80% of staffing clients say staffing firms offer a good way to find people who can become full-time employees. Regardless of where you are in your job search or career, remember your actions will determine if that opportunity will get you to the next level – so stay positive!

Myth: Being a temporary employee for any amount of time looks bad on a resume

Don’t be fooled by this myth. If you’re unemployed, working in a temporary position allows you to build and strengthen your resume while looking for something more long-term.

Truth: Showing how you’ve gained and developed skills can only strengthen and build your resume. Keep in mind that many employers see staffing jobs as regular work experience.

So it got me thinking......what would you add to this list? I'm curious what other recruiters and members of the RBC feel are urban legends that offer our chosen profession a bad rap. Anyone?

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I think the biggest myth that the average man on the street has about recruitment agencies is that they're experts at recruiting and have special relationships with all of the companies the agencies euphemistically refer to as "clients".

Similarly, another myth would be that we have access to 'all the companies' in the area with 'all the hidden jobs'.  Honestly, I don't have a rolodex (am I dating myself?) of businesses that I can just pull out a name and call about your background and get you an interview.  We are smaller than that, and I'd be happy to talk to my clients/contacts about you, once we go through the screening process.....

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