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The Future of Veteran Hiring Event - Sept 20th Charlotte N.C.

"The Future of Veteran Hiring", event is an informative and interactive event for Corporate HR Leaders and Talent Managers who are currently hiring veterans or aspire to hire veterans. At this event, we will highlight how innovative veteran technology is improving and redefining what it means to acquire and acclimate top veteran talent across major organizations. Read More:…


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The Pros and Cons of a Data-Driven Corporate Culture

Anyone who works in human resources knows just how important corporate culture is. A strong culture attracts and retains better talent, influences goals, and distinguishes your brand from competitors. While there is no “right” corporate culture, not all are created equal. They can be an…


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Are You A Talent Sourcer Or Recruiter Struggling To Source Or Recruit For Java Developers?

Are you struggling to find new Java Developers and it seems like everywhere you go you are coming up dry?  The fact is Java is still the most popular programming language with over 9 million developers around the globe.

Java is made up of not only core Java but many very popular frameworks.  It is possible that Java Developers could list out their frameworks rather than…


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5 Employee Engagement Tactics that No Longer Work (And What to Do Instead)"

More organizations are waking up to the fact that their employees are their most valuable resources. From providing employees more autonomy to offering incentives, modern businesses try every trick in the book to ensure employee satisfaction. Many businesses go one step further and come up with various policies and programs to engage their employees. The…


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How to Take Charge of Your Finances and Prepare for Your Future after College

In college, your budget may have been difficult to manage. You may have had fluctuating income and expenses because of irregularity in your college and work schedules. You may have also relied on student loans and even credit cards at times to pay for…


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Strategic Recruiting: Reach Out


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5 Creative Ideas That Will Make Your Career Blog Stand Out

If you want to attract the best candidates, you need to make your career blog stand out. And it sure will with these 5 creative ideas!

How to make your career blog stand out?…


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Sometimes The Job Description Just Ain't Right

I remember years ago when I was recruiting on a Java role to which one of the requirements included 3+ years of solid COBOL development experience in addition to 5+ years of C++.  Being a contract developer myself I began to think to myself and wonder what kind of an environment is this to which they have three very different code bases?

The program manager at the time…


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3 Best Employee Onboarding Tips

Looking to improve your employee onboarding process? Simply follow these 3 great tips!

Why should you improve your employee onboarding program?…


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Does YOUR Organization Have A Successful Talent Capture Strategy?

Sourcing and recruiting effective talent is only a small part of the Talent Capture equation.  In today's feverishly competitive market we simply do not have enough skilled professionals for a host of Cyber, Cloud and Developer roles, particularly in the Federal IT space.

In your organization how long does it take when you send a successfully screened candidate to a…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Codecall!

Codecall  is a community for Developers were you can learn new things, and post question to get answers. Not a lot of recruiters try to source there. The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull…


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5 Must Read Books For HR Professionals

Books are a great way to obtain in-depth knowledge from your industry. Reading around your profession can help you face different areas of your job with confidence.

Training course providers …


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Economic Factors That Highly Affect Business

In the world of business, there are multiple factors which can lead it down different avenues. But, there is an equal number of factors which have their impact on business.

To be precise, there are quite a number of internal and external factors which can make or break your business. Although you can control internal factors, you cannot do the same with external ones. So, this is when business owners need to stand strong against storms and surpass their subsequent…


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The Evolving Recruitment Industry of the Middle East

The Middle East has certainly faced economic and political challenges in recent years, which has led to uncertainty in the recruitment industry.

The collapse of oil prices in 2014-15 and reduction in government spending saw many businesses respond with caution and look to reduce costs and gain improvements in efficiency by restructuring, accepting more expatriates, merging roles and indeed redundancies.

As a result, although the region has historically seen skills shortages,…


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How NOT To Get The Job (for ChemEs)

IF you are looking for a job, and are a Chemical Engineer, or perhaps any other kind of highly-qualified, highly employable person, here is my advice:

The job market is currently good -- according to the Media, the Anti-Media, and many other indicators; but Summer is always a slower time in the Job Market (except when it isn’t), so now it’s probably a wise time to sit down, take note, and figure out ways to avoid NOT getting the job you want, when it’s pretty clear to you that: (1)…


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A Surprising Practice That Can Help You Both Hire and Retain Talent

What is this mystery practice?

One word - onboarding!

Well, I bet you didn’t expect this…


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Step by step procedure for making Infographic Resume

The Infographic resumes are made with the use of the graphic design elements which are differing from the traditional resume styles. In traditional resume, there is only use of the basic text which is listing the information from the top to bottom. Whereas in the infographic resume you will find the layout, icons, color and the font styling for organizing the content.

Now a days data science…

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Understanding Your Client Space When Engaging Candidates

I have found it very useful in the past when I managed a small team of Recruiters to which they did their own sourcing to take them directly to client-site and have them understand the dynamic of the lab or space to which they were recruiting so that they understood for example it may be a 1,000,000 line Java code base to which they utilize the Eclipse IDE to which the…


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Top 5 Creative Employee Onboarding Ideas

Looking for some inspiration to spark your creativity? Check out these 5 awesome employee onboarding ideas!

Want to improve your employee onboarding process?…


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5 Benefits of Becoming a Contractor Early in Your Career

Many people hold a misconception that contracting is only for very experienced professionals.  

But if you have a few years of experience under your belt, contract work could be a lucrative option for you.

Here are five benefits – and three considerations – of stepping…


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