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Why is Employing a Chief Learning Officer Necessary to Succeed?

With every organization struggling with finding top talent & retaining it, there is urgency for such companies to hire a professional who is completely dedicated to learning & development of the employees. There is a requirement to make changes in the old Talent Management Strategy & employ an efficient Chief Learning Officer who can take up the responsibility of keeping the competent employees engaged, identify future leaders & develop leadership skills which is required for…


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Qualities That Will Make You a Successful Executive Recruiter

Filling critical positions in the workplace is no walk in the park. It takes some major skills to identify & recruit individuals for high-level jobs. In today’s business world, executive recruiters, commonly addressed as executive headhunters, play an important role in determining & filling executive positions within a variety of organizations.…


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Steps to Creating a competent Global Leadership Development Program

The importance of global leadership competency is elevating every minute. At least ten percent of the world’s GDP is contributed by international trade of commodities, services, people & finance, as per the Harvard Business Review. Moreover, there is an extremely fast-growing trend of data & information being exchanged over borders which requires hardcore human understanding in order to translate, evaluate & make use of the data. So, what I am trying to say is that global…


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Resumes are a Waste of Time

Wonder why you aren't getting that next job? Because you are depending on a piece of paper to do it for you. Stop now.

The key to job hunting success is not a finely tuned resume. In fact, it has a better chance of ruining your…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Listserv!

The term Listserv (written by the registered trademark licensee, L-Soft International, Inc., as LISTSERV) has been used to refer to electronic mailing list software applications in general, but is more properly applied to a few…


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4 Types of Jobs That Will Enable You to See the World

There are certain jobs that will let you fulfill your passion for traveling while earning a great living. Many of these positions are within lucrative industries that have excellent job security. Here are four jobs that will enable you to see the world.



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HR Roles & Responsibilities: 5 Roles Modern HR Professionals Play

In recent years, there has been a drastic change in the way the human resources field has evolved. There was a time when the HR professionals’ role was constrained to hiring, firing and payroll. In recent times, HR roles have have diversified to include more of talent management…


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Recruitment Bad Habits Every Recruiter Should Avoid - Talentnow

As a recruiter, you quite often blame your hiring managers, competitors, time constraint or even lack of good candidates for your inability to close a hiring position. But have your ever wondered if the problem lies with you only, or more specifically your inefficient work habits? Your work habits determine…


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Sales extensions: a powerful addition to your recruiting toolbox

According to the prediction made by…


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Build an Employee Referral Program in 4 Easy Steps

In this blog post, you will learn how to build an effective employee referral program in 4 easy steps!

How to build an effective employee referral program?…


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6 Ways You’re Letting Your Employees Down (And How You Can Fix It)

One of the biggest concerns of business owners and managers is the productivity of their staff. You want your employees working at their peak level but are you providing all the necessary resources to do so? In this blog, we will look at some ways that your company may be falling short in…


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Things to Know Before Building a Career in Mobile App Industry

When it comes to choosing a career path in IT industry, there are a lot of options that one can take. However, out of all, one particular domain is consistently growing from the past decade and is none other than the mobile app development. With over billions of mobile applications in both App Store and Play Store, mobile applications indeed have become a…


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Importance of Employee Background Checks for Small Business - cFirstcorp

Small businesses operate on an intimate level due to the restricted size of the workforce. They do not hire as many employees as large organizations. But, they are more dependent on their individual employees to carry out the business activities. The employees working in a small business need to take up multiple responsibilities and work as a close-knit unit. And that is the reason why even small businesses should do background check of their employees.

You not only…


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8 Steps To Start Your Recruitment Agency

There are many types of agencies which you can start, you have to decide depending upon your contacts and knowledge. The process and tools more or less remain the same.

Recruitment Agency is basically the middlemen between job seekers and employers. The employers provide what kind of talent they are looking to hire and then recruitment agencies start providing that talent to employers. Upon every successful placement, the agency gets…


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4 Companies With the Best Employee Referral Awards

How do successful companies motivate their employees to take part in employee referral programs? Discover the secrets of the 4 companies with the best employee referral awards!…


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How to Explain Gap In Oil & Gas Job CV ?

Lots of oil and gas industry professionals have had time out of work over the last few years but this is slowly changing and jobs are starting to appear. If there is a gap in your CV then it can stand out as a weak point when being selected for a new role, so it is important to explain this to a hiring manager when applying for an …


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Benefits of Introducing Game Based Corporate Training Approach in your Organization


Every organization wants to adopt corporate training techniques that aids in capturing the attention of the employee and enhances their creative thinking. The key is to engage the employees in such a way that the learning imparted during the training can be retained by them once they are in the work environment. There are quite a few training techniques that can be used to…


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7 Useful Tips To Find A Good Online Job And Become Successful

The Internet truly can be the great job asset for online job searchers. However, if you are looking for employment on the web, you became more acquainted with the specialty of influencing the most to out of your efforts. If you are looking for online jobs, consider using the following tips.…


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Managing your Employer Brand on Glassdoor Like a Pro

It explains how employer can brand themselves on Glassdoor

Effective recruiting is all about connecting with talented candidates at multiple levels. That’s why, Marketing your brand as a desirable employer can go a long way in filling the vacant positions in your organization fast and easy. One way to do this is by managing your reputation on job boards and employer…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Docdroid!

Docdroid is a site that delivers access to a lot of documents and is a site for uploading and converting documents to and from PDF.  Not a lot of recruiters try to source there. The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than…


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