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Artificial intelligence in healthcare staffing - What to expect

A recent report by Staffing Industry Analysts on AI and robotics indicated that 47% of the total US employment was at high risk of computerization within next 10-20…


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Finding people for the most in-demand positions in 2018

In today’s tech world, where competition for talent is extremely tough, HR professionals face many challenges trying to discover, attract and win the best candidates. Recruiters and headhunters are forced to expand their search area and look for talents in the most unusual places. Conferences, meetups, online forums and communities, social media groups,…


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Running a small recruitment agency? You might want to check this

If you own a small recruitment agency, a thought about using an applicant tracking system would have crossed your mind for sure and you even started searching for products that fit your requirements but eventually you ended up with something…


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5 Ways Technology and Automation Can Improve Your Recruitment Process - Talentnow

It explains how technology and automation can improve recruitment

Recruitment is the core activity in building an organization. Businesses are built by efficient employees who fit the organization’s requirement and are able to adapt to the organizational culture.

While for many, recruitment is a no brainer that involves posting of jobs, interviewing the candidate and onboarding, it is actually an intricate process that involves shortlisting, scheduling, managing background…


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5 Rules for Hiring Software Developers

The war for talent in the software development space is hotter than ever. As we now operate in a technology-critical world, every company will need some form of developer; whether this be to design their mobile app, improve their website’s user experience or manage your e-commerce – you need code, and for this you need…


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What is Sentiment Analysis & How It improves Employee Engagement? - Talentnow

Explains how sentiment analysis can improve employee engagement

Most of the companies across the globe have to deal with the enigma of employee engagement. Although they would love to have engaged employees with better productivity, higher commitment, and longer retention, the results that they obtain from their employee engagement activities are not very encouraging. One of the major reasons for this is that most companies’ employee engagement tools and processes do not give the…


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4 Fool-Proof Executive Recruitment Techniques from Met Marketing

This article discusses four tricks that an executive recruiting agency can use in order to get the right candidate for the right job. We spoke with top digital marketing firm Met Marketing in Leeds, UK about some great ideas for Executive recruitment…


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5 Effective Strategies To Retain Employees

It is every manager’s nightmare when an employee just out of the blue quits.

You are now not only faced with the challenge of filling the position but, also the financial implications that come with recruiting and training replacement employees.



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How to get a career abroad

For many of us, the prospect of working abroad is an attractive thought. Perhaps you want to practise a language in another country, visit many places, or you like the idea of working in a different climate. Of course, many companies have headquarters in multiple countries but there are some careers that are focused around travelling and living abroad. Together with Northumbria…


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Reasons on why choosing cognitive ability test is advised

If you are into the recruitment process, probably you know by now how crucial it is to choose the employees that can give quality results. But to assess such employees, the personal interview is not enough. Rather, it is important to consider the right assessment solution which can give you clear analysis and evaluation about the employees and whether you are short listing the right set…


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First Step for Selecting a New ATS: Understand Why You Dislike Your Current One!

man pondering at computer.jpeg

You’ve decided to replace your applicant tracking system (ATS). 

Now what? 

Here’s the first thing to do. Before rushing out into the marketplace, take the time to understand your dissatisfaction with your current ATS, and what you want a new ATS to achieve. Understanding exactly why you’re dissatisfied will actually help frame and guide your ATS purchasing decision. 

How do you understand your dissatisfaction with your current ATS? Here are two…


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What is an Application Tracking System (ATS) And Why Do You Need One? - Talentnow

The recruitment process is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to growing an organization. It is therefore fair to say that without the right employee for the job, it becomes very difficult to achieve the targets set for the organization, leave alone for an isolated department. Therefore, recruiters have their jobs cut out when it comes to searching for the right candidate in today’s fast-paced environment. With loads of resumes coming up for screening, it…

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8 Signs You Need an Applicant Tracking System - Talentnow

Candidate selection process is all about reaching out and attracting the best talent. While it sounds simple, a recruiter has to filter through many processes before on-boarding the right candidate for the job.

Right from announcing the availability of a job vacancy to on-boarding a candidate, there are various checks and approvals that are required…


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Traits that makes Job Hoppers a Great Hiring Choice for Recruiters - Talentnow

As a recruiter, you may have met and interviewed many “job hoppers” that is, people who switch jobs frequently. The term “job hopping” has always had a negative connotation in the minds of the recruiters. The fact remains that that few people want to recruit an individual who has a history of frequent job switches.

Thankfully, the above scenario is changing for the better. According to a survey by…


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Are you working with a bad or a good recruiter?

Signs of a good recruiter:

A good recruiter is a professional who enjoys helping a company of any size find the right candidates across a crowded room.

A bad recruiter is motivated only by the commission they are getting today, failing to bother with the long game: a good recruiter…


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7 Interviewing mistakes Hiring Manager should avoid.


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Google Docs

Google Docs is a site that delivers access to Googles version of Office.  Word processor, spreadsheet and more. Not a lot of recruiters try to source there. The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks…


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5 Reasons Why Your Company Brand Strategy is Important

Long gone are the days when your company brand was defined as a well-designed logo with a catchy slogan attached. Today, a company brand encompasses much more and here we take a look at 5 reasons why your brand strategy is important to the success of your business.…


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The Secrets Of Attracting Millennial Tech Talent

Companies outside the tech mecca need to offer candidates compelling reasons to choose them, especially when some of the Silicon Valley giants can afford to…


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Psychology You Must Have To Recruit A Perfect Employee

It isn’t a rare occurrence that you don’t hire someone to work for you not simply because they weren’t right for the job, but because the interview wasn’t really good. A proper interview requires particular goals and a number of psychological factors.…


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