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Traits that makes Job Hoppers a Great Hiring Choice for Recruiters - Talentnow

As a recruiter, you may have met and interviewed many “job hoppers” that is, people who switch jobs frequently. The term “job hopping” has always had a negative connotation in the minds of the recruiters. The fact remains that that few people want to recruit an individual who has a history of frequent job switches.

Thankfully, the above scenario is changing for the better. According to a survey by…


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Are you working with a bad or a good recruiter?

Signs of a good recruiter:

A good recruiter is a professional who enjoys helping a company of any size find the right candidates across a crowded room.

A bad recruiter is motivated only by the commission they are getting today, failing to bother with the long game: a good recruiter…


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7 Interviewing mistakes Hiring Manager should avoid.


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Google Docs

Google Docs is a site that delivers access to Googles version of Office.  Word processor, spreadsheet and more. Not a lot of recruiters try to source there. The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks…


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5 Reasons Why Your Company Brand Strategy is Important

Long gone are the days when your company brand was defined as a well-designed logo with a catchy slogan attached. Today, a company brand encompasses much more and here we take a look at 5 reasons why your brand strategy is important to the success of your business.…


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The Secrets Of Attracting Millennial Tech Talent

Companies outside the tech mecca need to offer candidates compelling reasons to choose them, especially when some of the Silicon Valley giants can afford to…


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Psychology You Must Have To Recruit A Perfect Employee

It isn’t a rare occurrence that you don’t hire someone to work for you not simply because they weren’t right for the job, but because the interview wasn’t really good. A proper interview requires particular goals and a number of psychological factors.…


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The benefits of corporate days out for profit and productivity

Are you searching for ways to boost staff morale, lower employee turnover and boost productivity in the workplace? If so, you need to focus your attention on corporate team-building activities.


Team-building exercises are an easy way to create a company culture that works. Company culture involves the environment, values and goals of a business and its staff. If your company was a human, it’d be its personality. Businesses like Google and…


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Recruitment Strategy for a Chief Human Resources Officer: Report 2018

A lot of top human resources professionals, CHROs, and managers were asked as to what recruitment hassles they face, what their talent acquisition strategy is in the face of a fierce competition, and what works/doesn’t work for them.

Here are the key points essential for…


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How to Prep Yourself for a Successful Career as a Trucker

It can sometimes be difficult to pick the right career. People should make career decisions based on their personality types, objectives and interests. If you have an independent temperament, then you may want to consider a career in the trucking world. Getting ready for a…


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UK tech recruitment: Turn on the talent

The hottest tech skills will always be in short supply and UK businesses increasingly struggle to find competent people to fill digital roles. But do companies’ approach to recruitment need to change?

Technology recruitment across the UK is buoyant. As more firms …


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Shine Bright: 4 Steps to Being Ready for Any Job Interview

It is tough to get ahead in this job market but it is not impossible. You have to do some work to make sure you stand out at each interview. The following are four…


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How Top Recruiters Are Applying "The Toyota Way" to Talent Acquisition

It’s difficult to find enough quality talent right now — historically so.

The nation’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.9% in May, matching the lowest point in half a century. It’s even more difficult to find quality talent in…


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8 Quick Tips for Writing Great Job Requirement

Not enough qualified candidates? Too many unqualified applications? You can easily fix this problem by tweaking your job requirements!  Learn how with this great quick tips!…


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How To Prevent And React To Cybersecurity Threats

The digital revolution has introduced business to a global community, which has helped even the smallest businesses grow in unexpected ways. However, there is also the downside to digitalization. Many small business owners fear creating an online presence and utilizing…


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How can Social Media be beneficial for the growth of a Small Business?

Whether you’re a social butterfly, or you're apprehensive when it comes to vociferously communicating with others in a public space, there are some inherent rules to follow when it comes to social media.

Develop a Strategy

As an entrepreneur, you must understand that…


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4 Steps to Boosting Your Confidence Before a Job Interview

Going in for an interview for a new job can be very exciting and stressful experience. While you may be excited about the job, you may feel nervous about the actual interview process. While it is natural to feel nervous before an interview, there are a variety of tips…


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Talent 42 2018 Session 3!!

This is the third post in my series on the 2018 Talent 42. I will focus on the session by Dror Kaga of Ebay on “leveraging Recruiting to Drive Change “


Not any tools on this one so much as explain that if you use the info you gather while researching the positions you are looking for,…


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How to Protect Employee Browsers from Cyber Attacks

News of high-profile cyber attacks is now so common that people are becoming desensitized to the magnitude of the threat.

But while the general population might dismiss these news reports as “another day, another attack,” as an IT professional, you know how very serious the ramifications of these attacks can be for your business -- and your job. You must remain constantly ready to defend against cyber criminals’…


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