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Are Gen Xers Better as Employees or Contractors?

A recent article by Harvard Business Review focuses on how employers can retain their Generation X talent, but it appears that many workers from this generation may be better suited for contract assignments.

According to the article, 70% of Gen Xers surveyed by the Center for Talent Innovation stated that…


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Why Millennials Make the Best Candidates for Relocation

Having trouble finding candidates willing to relocate? Well, according to a recent article from Human Resource Executive, you need look no further than the youngest crop of workers.

According to the article, where previous generations, particularly Generation X, have been reluctant to relocate, Millennials have been willing, if not eager to pick up and…


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Age Discrimination Claims on the Rise

The tough economy seems to have hit older workers particularly hard, and age discrimination claims are rising as a result.

According to an article, age discrimination claims have hit record levels. Citing Equal Employment Opportunity Commission statistics, the article states that claims have risen…


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3 Ways Contract Staffing Provides Workers Flexibility

It's no secret that the American workforce is changing.  More households have two working parents now than any other time in history. Both mothers AND fathers need time off to care for sick children or attend their school events.  And many of them are also taking care of their own elderly parents. Meanwhile, Millennials who grew up with cell phones and…


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Why Companies Should Love Millennials

We've all heard the negative stereotypes about Generation Y, also known as Millennials, which roughly encompasses those born in the mid-70′s to the early 2000′s.  They have an entitlement attitude. They think too highly of themselves.  They need constant feedback.

Whether these stereotypes are accurate or just gross generalizations is up for debate. But our HR staff learned at the 2011 Cleveland HR Star Conference that these younger…


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Older Workers Want to Continue Working

A recent Workforce Management article has confirmed what Top Echelon Contracting already knew and has reported numerous times: older…


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Why Life is Great for Baby Boomers in the Workforce

Contrary to popular belief, many older workers feel that, if anything, their age is an asset in the workplace, not a liability, according to a recent USA Today article. 

Citing an poll, the article states that 61 percent of Baby Boomers feel that age is not an issue at all, while 25 percent said it was an…


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Contracting for Every Generation

There are now four generally recognized generations in the workforce, each with its own attitudes and approaches to work. But they all have one thing in common - contracting is an attractive option for all of them, even if it may be for different reasons.

By knowing what’s important to candidates of every generation—AND why they like contracting—you increase your chances of connecting with those candidates, giving them what they want, and most importantly, placing…


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Tips For Recruiting Millennials for Contract Positions

We've discussed in previous blog posts about how members of Generation Y, who are often called Millennials, make great contract candidates. But if you hope to attract the best talent from the upcoming crop of college graduates, you may run into trouble if you rely solely on traditional recruiting…


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