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Best Recruiters

There are great recruiters around the globe that are unrecognized both in industry and business.  Their names you may have never heard, their titles differ, and their salary is not a measure of their success.  Great recruiters are employed, unemployed, and underemployed.  They are in development, yet to develop and developing others.  However, they all have some greatness in them.  Some have learned their craft through due diligence, others try a haphazard approach, and still others forge…


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Tracking Metrics

Tracking Metrics

Rich Peterson knows there are loads of articles about how the metrics behind recruiting drive the hiring process.

Recruiting metrics provide us an opportunity to take a analytical approach to hiring by allowing us to quantify the hiring process. Tracking day-to-day details provide us a look at the big picture.

Almost all HR metrics record history. It has little value in the fast-changing business world where any of your numbers, positive or…


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Onboarding Best Practices!

Best Practices for New Employee Onboarding

Rich Peterson says, "Most new hires fail within 18 months on the job."

Smart Onboarding is critical in making career transitions much smoother.

Why Onboarding Matters?

It s proven that new hires without an effective onboarding program will fail over the course of their short lived career with your organization.

One of the important ways that HR can impact the workforce and…


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The Cost of a Bad Hire

small__2775484669 Bad hires, they’re everywhere. It’s a seemingly impossible to avoid mistake that many of us have made or have been victim to. Whether they quit, or they are fired, a bad hire costs the company a lot of time and money. While every company and position therein will differing costs associated with a bad hire, the U.S. Dept. of Labor has estimated that the average cost is about 30% of the employee’s first-year potential earnings. So if that …


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5 Impacts Of A Strong Employer Brand

You’ve likely heard the buzz over Employer Branding. We’ve seen excellent articles detailing the steps to success, as well as …


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Made Redundant at Christmas?

Lost your job? ‘Tis the season to find a new one

Losing your job just before Christmas must seem like the end of the world, and hundreds of staff will be feeling under threat at the moment as household names such as Comet and DirectLine…


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Want better employees? - Then the answer is Recognition, Recognition, Recognition

Recent respected surveys show the way to your employees performance sweet spot is through recognition the survey suggest the following.

Recognition Keeps People Working Harder and Loyal to You

  • 64% of UK workers would leave their job for a company that clearly recognised contributions.
  • 90% said employee recognition motivates them to do a better job.

People Like Recognition, but Aren't Recognised Enough

  • 86% said they like to have their…

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3 ?’s you should be able to answer with your Recruitment Metrics

When evaluating the success of your recruitment sourcing strategy, it’s important not to only focus on the final results in terms of time to hire and cost per hire but ultimately look at how you ultimately ended up with these results.  In the end, you want to determine what strategies and sources contributed to your success and what ones were not worth your time.  All so you can improve your strategy for…


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Creating Success and Happiness; Putting The Right People, In The Right Roles

Last Thursday, the CEO of one of the most successful businesses in the world announced his resignation. Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple is signing off to a new era. Jobs has been on sick leave since January of this year and has told the press, “"I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple's CEO, I would be the first to let…


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Hunt for Needles in Haystacks?

I'm always hunting for ways hiring managers to more accurately determine who to hire that DON'T involve the requirement of being a better interviewer.  In the past I've suggested that you should look at obvious traits like obesity and…


Added by Jonathan D. Davis on June 17, 2011 at 6:49pm — 3 Comments

The Doctor Will See You Now

As I was browsing through the Sunday paper last week there was one article in particular that really caught my eye.  It was written by Paul Sullivan of the New York Times and it shared the findings of a new academic…


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Let's Go Down Together

One of my very favorite songs is called Down Together by the Refreshments. The refrain includes the lyrics, "Cars break down and people break down and other things break down too so let's go...down together".


I had the chance to have dinner with…


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Attitude is [almost] Everything

Conor Neill, a close friend of mine and a prominent Entrepreneur in Spain, wrote this short story below for…


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Icarus Was On To Something

The story…


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In Defense of Discrimination: Obesity

On February 9th, 2011 I began this series on Discrimination with some thoughts on the…


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When teams Plan the Fight they don't Fight the Plan

A couple of months back I interviewed Patrick Thean about the success he's experienced in…


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In Defense of Discrimination [Part 1]

[Author's Note: at no time during this series centering on Discrimination will I ever suggest or condone discrimination of anyone based on race, gender, nationality, religion, etc, etc.]

On February 7th, 2011, President Obama…


Added by Jonathan D. Davis on February 9, 2011 at 5:00pm — 3 Comments

Recruiting Season is Heating Up

In case you haven't noticed, the hiring freeze that seemed to overtake the our nation over the last 14 months is thawing, just in time for Spring.

Here are a few of the articles that I've noticed in the past few days that suggest it's time for you to pay attention and get your act together because it's going to be time for you to start RECRUITING instead of…


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CIDS Interviews: Fair or Not?

In a slightly modified version of my recent post "How to Prepare for a Topgrading Interview" it drew…


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Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood

Those who have heard me speak publicly or have been clients of HireBetter are very familiar with my insistence that Job Descriptions are largely worthless when written by starting at the beginning.  What I encourage people to do instead…


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