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Recruitment Process Outsourcing – a new trend in HR

Recruitment Process Outsourcing, commonly known as RPO has been a familiar term among recruiters and recruitment organizations. However for Organizations not in the recruitment, this is a new trend which many Organizations are currently exploring for their manpower recruitment process. There has been a growth in the RPO industry in the recent past and in 2018 it is poised to surge at 11-12% in the global market.

Apart from being a…


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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): What is it and What not!

We all know what BPO is, right? So, RPO is a special kind of business process outsourcing where the outsourced business is nothing but the recruitment process.

So, recruitment process outsourcing, as it is called, is much more than what exactly we know recruiting is.

In a RPO partnership between an organization with recruitment requirements and the organization providing recruitment services the former’s brand gets promoted over the latter’s.…


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Contractor vs Direct Hire - Things to consider when making a decision

Decisions, decisions.  You need to hire a new employee and you’ve already started doing some phone screens, but you can’t decide if you want to hire someone direct or have them start as a contractor.  This week’s discussion will hopefully give you a few things to consider when making a…


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Development and internet service. Human resource and self employment - vector illustration

It's easy to work temporary positions indefinitely. Contracts typically state that the position is not permanent, detail needed qualifications, tasks to be performed and the contract period. When you finish one contract job, you can go on to the next.

However, if you're interested in turning your contract position into a more long-term opportunity, here are…


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You're ready to get to work but worry about the gaps in employment on your resume. You wonder if recruiters will immediately dismiss you as a candidate due to these lapses in employment. Fortunately, there are some ways you can present yourself in a positive light to…


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2015 Contract Staffing and Recruiting Trends

2014 was a big year for contract staffing. The “temporary help services sector” added jobs and broke records nearly every month. This growth continues even now that direct hiring has finally bounced back from the recession.…


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New to recruiting industry

I am new to the recruiting launching a Recruiting & Staffing agency specifically IT industry trying to get the just of were to locate client's and candidates. I was told to find client's I must get on vendor list ? Due to companies not contracting with temp agencies however vendor's only Is the new's paper a good search for client's that are looking to hire. Please help need some tip's to source candidate's. 

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Contract Staffing 101: Front-Office vs. Back-Office

Part of what makes contract staffing a little intimidating to recruiters is the jargon that goes along with it. Bill rates, conversion fee, multiplier, Employer of Record . . . the list goes on and on.

One point of confusion for some recruiters who are new to contract staffing is the difference between the…


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7 Hottest Industries for Contract Staffing in 2012

One of the questions we get most often from recruiters looking to get into contract staffing is "What are the top industries for contract staffing?" That's why we analyze the contract placements that come through our back-office each year.

According to our 2012…


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Let’s Call “Diversity” a Different Word - “Blending”

A whole industry has been built around diversity.  Is that good or bad? 


Obviously when the Diversity industry was formed inside and outside of recruitment, it was critically needed.  Laws were written to make it illegal to discriminate against the protected classes of race, color, gender, religious beliefs, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy or veteran status.  These laws need to stay in place because old habits are hard to break.  However,…


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More Corporate IT Departments Relying on Contractor

It's no secret that there is a huge need for IT talent right now.  A recent PC World article analyzes how many corporate IT departments are turning…


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Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs and Recruiting

Abraham Maslow developed his hierarchy of needs by studying successful people.  How does your company’s recruiting process match up with our human needs?


Obviously the physiological needs are taken care of through compensation and benefits.  Your company’s offers need to be competitive in order to attract the best candidates.  Compensation and benefits are generally only the tip of the iceberg.  Sometimes they are indicative of the company’s attitude toward its…


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The Beauty of Coworking for Recruiters

Some recruiters go to an office every day. Some go to their basement home office every day. So if you are one of the entrepreneurs, the blended desk worker who does a little bit of everything, this post is for you.

We are increasingly becoming a freelance, temp-work nation, and the recruiting industry is no exception. So while you may be working with temp firms to find contract, temporary, and freelance workers, you may be a bit of a contract/freelance…


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Embrace Social Media...?

Some consultants would tell me, “It’s about time you jumped on the bandwagon!” Others would say, “That is so 30 seconds ago – now we are talking mobile recruiting!” Other consultants would say, “Certainly you have begun offering the new…!”

It is interesting to have over 30 years of experience in any field. It gives you a certain perspective that less seasoned (okay, younger) professionals do not have. Over those years in recruitment, you learn about people and their behavior, simply…


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Contract to Permanent Position

Are you a contractor desiring a permanent position?  Some professionals desire the stability of a permanent position, while others enjoy the evolving and changing aspects of contract work. There are some things you can do to help you take steps towards a permanent position, if you are looking for that stability.  Here are some steps to help you stand out among your competition.


Treat the position as more than just a “stepping stone” to another position.  You need to work with…


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National Staffing Employee Week is Starting on Monday! How Will You Recognize Your Temporary Employees?

Employers across the country are urged to celebrate National Staffing Employee Week from Sept. 12–18 this year. Created by the American Staffing Association, the weeklong event honors the millions of hard working people employed by staffing firms across the nation.

National Staffing Employee Week is designed to promote awareness of the staffing industry through active community involvement, focus attention on the benefits that the industry affords its employees, and…


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Strong growth of IT contract jobs and other staffing trends in Q2

Seems like all we hear about in the news is gloom and doom when it comes to the job market, but Agile’s 2Q 2011 Market Pulse has some positive findings!  Metro Atlanta IT employment is gaining momentum, and it appears IT employers are more confident about the future as an increase in IT hiring (perm and contract) continued during the second quarter of 2011.

In our latest issue of…


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The Contract Recruiter Landscape in Canada

The other day the Granite team was discussing the recruiting landscape, contractor rates and the ”transparent” relationship that we have with our clients. It dawned on us that we should be sharing these transparencies with our networks to help manage your expectations.

For those of you thinking about become “contractors” and those of you contemplating a “contractor” recruiter in your organization, here’s a quick snapshot of the recruiter landscape.

  • Contract recruiters are…

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10 More Tips for Getting a Staffing Contract with an HR Gatekeeper

Like most sequels, this is not as good as the original, but I hope this is a better sequel than Revenge of the Nerds II Please read #4 first if you are pressed for time.


1. Cold Calls on Voicemail. Keep the pitch short. Find out the delete # in my system and say "Don't hit the 9 key! My friend Julie is a top notch SharePoint developer and asked me contact you about yesterday's posting. I'm Julie Carr with Blobert Blaf Blechnology (or any company that just…


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GOAL Recruiting Group (

is an energetic company dedicated to delivering recruitment and training

solutions for both companies and business professionals throughout the country.


Our business has grown and we need a couple of Virtual Recruiters ASAP to help with

our load.


We support DIRECT HIRE (“Permanent Placement”) and long term…


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