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5 Essential Elements of a Successful Job Advert

A hiring process requires copious amounts of time, manpower, and money. Reviewing tons of applications, making tons of phone calls, and setting up tons of interviews is intensely draining. You don’t want to have to do it any more than necessary. Finding the right candidate in a…


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The Evolution of the Job Posting

It might be folklore, but it’s still a great story. 

The most successful job ad ever written was Shackleton’s broadside advertising for the crew of the Endurance.  Printed with hand-set type on cheap paper and glued to piers and posts around the harbor, it read:

A reported 5,000 men lined up…


Added by Maury Hanigan on February 29, 2016 at 1:00pm — 3 Comments

Is the Classic Job Description Antiquated?

The short answer to the title question is yes. With the advent of startups, new businesses emerging, and technology ever-changing the classic job description is not appealing or compelling for the average job seeker today. Who wants to work at a company whose job description is from the time of typewriters?

Unless you’re a hipster who’s hoping to write on an authentic typewriter at their alternative new…


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How fools recruit: 'I'll know them when I meet them'

No matter how far we think businesses have come with respect to recruitment and employment practices, there are always plenty of reminders that old habits die hard. 

One of these old habits is the classic client response to a recruiter who requests a job description; ‘I don't need a job description,…


Added by Ross Clennett on March 20, 2014 at 7:30pm — 3 Comments

Rules for Writing an Eye-Catching Job Description

Your staff is the cornerstone of your business; without them, you wouldn't be able to achieve your goals and success. When you're looking to hire, you want to attract the most dynamic, qualified candidates in order to ensure your business stays on top. But how do you go about attracting the best candidates for the job? By writing an eye-catching job description.

Think about it: When people are looking for a job, they are more apt to submit their resume to a position that sounds…


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Enhance The Candidate Experience By Improving Your Careers Website

The relationship between corporate recruiters and candidates has witnessed a shift in the information available to the two parties. The widening use of the Internet, particularly social media, has opened up access to data on both sides, ushering in an age of transparency and a heightened potential of mutual communication. In other words, candidates are now in a better position to take the initiative and interact with organizations. This means that corporate recruiters have to step up…


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The Art of the Job Description


Amidst all the hubbub over targeting the best talent for your organization through social media recruiting, developing your …


Added by Assaf Eisenstein on July 23, 2012 at 8:39am — 4 Comments

Judging A Job By Its Title

Your job title says a lot about you, whether you want it to or not. It's shorthand for what you do and where you fit into an organization. It's also inherently meaningless, since no two companies are identical and nobody has to sign an affidavit before they declare themselves the Vice President of something. There's no solution to this (and I'm not sure it's a problem, per se) short of standardizing job titles across the board, but it did get me thinking about the two fundamental components…


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Time to Bundle Up Your Recruiting- Improving the Candidate Experience

Having cold feet can make our entire body feel chilly. In order to alleviate this, we put on socks or boots to warm up. Our feet are the base, the foundation to our body, our entire motion of walking is based on them. If we have an injury, we limp along, not meeting our full potential. This can be compared to how you structure your candidate experience and can affect the rest of your interactions with them.

How this applies to your workflow.

It’s important that…


Added by Cooper Whitescarver on June 25, 2012 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

Does Your Job Description Capture the Attention of Top Talent?

Attracting top talent today is a challenge. Job seekers are exposed to job descriptions everywhere on the internet – major job boards, niche sites, social media channels, corporate career sites, Google Ads, and more.  However, top talent rarely spends much time sifting through job listings – you have a limited opportunity to capture their attention.  Below are five best practices to ensure your job description captures their attention, and motivates them to apply.…


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Building an Effective Job Description

Hiring managers in many companies do not understand the value of an effective job description.  One client said, “Just find me C++ programmers.”  When I asked if he was mostly interested in application programmers or software engineers, he simply looked at me.  If we found the right people, we would not waste his time reviewing resumes.  After taking the time up front, he was happy with our results.


The job description is the foundation of an effective recruitment process. …


Added by Bill Humbert on January 26, 2012 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

How To Make Video Job Descriptions (and why you should be producing your own)

How to make video job descriptions (and why you should be producing your own) is the topic when Jim Stroud interviews Will Staney of VMware and investigates how they are successfully using video job descriptions to recruit active and passive candidates online. If you are not using video job descriptions in your recruitment strategy, no doubt you will consider it after this episode of The Jim Stroud Show. At the very least, video job descriptions are an employer branding opportunity your…


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I'm sorry, I need a better job description. It's the law.

Temp workers were protesting in South Boston  on September 1st in favor of the REAL (Reform Employment Agency Law) Act which a few Massachusetts State Reps are sponsoring. I found one item interesting, which is to "provide written notice of key job description details to the worker ".   As I heard myself belt out loud a nice "HA", I thought… yeah it isn't always the agency's fault.


Over the course of my 15+ plus years recruiting, I unfortunately came across  one…


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Tips To Make Your Job Portal Perfect

This is the era of computers and technology associated to it. It is spread in almost all areas of human life. Nowadays all business activities are automated using this technology. Recruitment process is also part of the automated systems. If you are job consultant or placement agency it is must to have your job portal in order to serve job seekers and employers because all the activities are carried out through the net only. All businesses go for their sites to grow with the…


Added by Julian  wood on March 28, 2011 at 5:52am — 2 Comments

What's in a job title... a lot!

This week in my blog roll I came across a blog titled “Job Titles Matter” written by Laurie Ruettimann of Cynical Girl, a blog that I read everyday. It was right on point that job title’s do matter to…


Added by Chernee Vitello on March 15, 2011 at 1:38pm — 2 Comments

Does your hiring process speed time to top talent?

"How can we speed our hiring process so that we don’t lose out to top talent?"  This is a question Agile is asked about quite a lot – especially in the last few months.  We blog about this subject frequently and we even wrote a white paper…


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Farella Easton "Matching Business Strategy With Human Capital"

Why we’re different

We look far beyond traditional recruitment methodologies and practices.

We leverage our tenured expertise in marketing communications,

multimedia, business strategy, research and sales training to build

long-term recruitment solutions.

1. Finding and hiring new employees

• External third party recruitment services (Independent search)

• Performance or Fee Based compensation options

• Internal recruitment… Continue

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You've done more for me than any other Recruiter.....

“It’s ok these things happen, I’ll just continue my job search. You’ve done more for me than any other recruiter and I’m grateful for that” was the reply I got from Paul Smith (name changed due to privacy) when I conveyed the unfortunate news of his rejection by my client

More for me than any other recruiter ?? So what did I do that was supposedly different from other recruiters he met? cause realistically I had not yet placed him.

From the initial call, to our… Continue

Added by Alban on February 1, 2011 at 12:00am — 5 Comments

What 17th-Century Pirates Can Teach Us About Job Design

Just read a very interesting article in the USAirways Magazine, (taken from the Harvard Business Review) which was enlightening and perhaps worthwhile to consider in dialogue with HR Managers or OD executives. Do a search for USAirways Magazine, then look for the above title.

Added by Gil Kempenich on October 25, 2010 at 11:00am — 1 Comment

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