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Albert Einstein: The World's Smartest Man Wasn't The Best Salary Negotiator

Compensation Data Facts - What's What in Compensation…


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Salary Negotiation: Framing negotiables correctly to unlock hidden value.

One of my favorite negotiation anecdotes is from Stuart Diamond’s book Getting More.  In it, he describes a scenario where a child would like to have a cookie, but the parent says no.  Undeterred, the child then asks if he can get half a cookie and the negotiation ensues.  I love this example…


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I Need a Raise

Well while most people would be happy with a job in this tight market we actually had a very surprising call last week from a former candidate. We had expected the typical conversation asking how the market was for their skills or discussing how their trying to get ahead of the curve as their company was about to let some people go, but no bizarrely enough they wanted us to help them ask their boss for a raise.

Wow! A raise……In the instant clutter that was my brain my… Continue

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Are your job candidates taking other offers before you get through your hiring process?

Hiring Manager Alert: If you have a problem with candidates taking other positions during your interview and hiring process, it’s likely that you’ve gotten your candidates from job boards, newspaper ads, and so on…which means that it’s also likely that you’ve contacted them late in the job search cycle.

To avoid this problem, the solution is simple: work with a recruiter. A recruiter prescreens candidates for you, eliminating the waste of your time and productivity on a candidate who… Continue

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Why You Need an Objective On Your Resume

I found a great video on YouTube by Susan Ireland, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Perfect Resume. In this video, Susan discusses why you need an objective on the top of your resume. I agree that it’s important for you to have a good one (see my post 7 Tips For a Great Resume). There are several reasons:

1. It lets the reader know what you want, instead of implying that you need help finding a spot. It’s a weak approach that won’t serve you well anywhere in the process,… Continue

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Explaining Medical Sales — Part III

There are several things to think about when you are considering job opportunities in medical sales, whether you’re moving into it or moving around in it. In the first part of this series (Explaining Medical Sales - Part I) we talked about what’s involved in capital sales, and in the second part (Explaining Medical Sales - Part II) we covered consumable and service sales and what kinds of personalities best fit different sales jobs. In today’s video, I discuss specific aspects of sales jobs… Continue

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Age Discrimination: McCain was too old!

Not in years but in attitude, energy, and communication style.

Okay - I am sure that I am going to step on some toes here but….I think McCain lost the election because he is “old”. Why do I say this? His platform, knowledge, integrity, and experience were much stronger but he failed to deliver the message because he is uncomfortable with technology, publicity and this new age of communication that we are now in.

He had an opportunity to be on the O’Reilly show at the exact… Continue

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Explaining Medical Sales–Part II

In my previous post (Explaining Medical Sales - Part I), I told you about the difference between capital sales and consumable sales, mainly concentrating on what kinds of products are involved in capital sales. In today’s video, we’ll talk about consumable and service sales as they relate to medical sales, laboratory sales, clinical diagnostics sales, medical equipment sales, pharmaceutical sales, imaging sales, medical device sales, hospital equipment sales, or biotechnology… Continue

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Explaining Medical Sales: Part I

I receive several calls every week from people asking about the difference between sales opportunities in the medical sales field, and which personalities might fit best. So, to address these questions, here is the first part of a 3-part series explaining different types of medical sales.

There are two basic types of sales that occur in all areas of medical sales, which includes clinical diagnostics sales, laboratory sales, pharmaceutical sales, imaging sales, DNA products sales,… Continue

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Using Assessment Tests As A Hiring Tool

Part of every sales manager’s job is to add to the team. Hire new talent. You think you know what you’re looking for: that “spark,” that intangible “it” factor, that “something about this candidate” that tells your intuition that this is the one. You do look at resumes and previous sales figures (if they have them), but you also look for personality, drive, determination, and people skills. Not exactly an exact science, is it? There’s lots of room for error. So how do you combat that… Continue

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Job Search Tip: What can a recruiter do for you?

Since I’ve discussed with you before how to work with recruiter and the best ways for you to attract the attention of a recruiter, I thought I’d add one more thing, just so we’re all on the same page…for you to understand the role a recruiter plays in your job search, you need to understand that I work for the client company, not for you. That doesn’t mean working with a medical sales recruiter isn’t an asset for you in your search for a medical sales job, such as a biotech sales job, clinical… Continue

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How to Work a Tradeshow

I had a candidate call me and ask for advice on how to work a tradeshow. He’s looking for a job, and exploring many avenues. He’s already ahead of the game by having a plan, but here’s my advice:

Before the show:

Send out an e-mail to all of your contacts, letting them know what’s going on, that you’ll be at the tradeshow, and that you’re looking for contacts and opportunities. Be specific in what you’re looking for…a sales/marketing/management job in medical sales,… Continue

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Interview Questions for Employers

I am pleased to present this article from Alan Murray, webmaster of, where Alan provides a lot of great interview advice.

Interview Questions for Employers

If you are tasked to conduct a job interview for your company, one of the most important things that you should always keep in mind is the fact that the main purpose of the interview is to get to know the candidate better. You are there to ask and listen, not to talk. To be specific, eighty… Continue

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Job Interview Tip: Turn off your cell phone!

Cell phones are an incredible convenience for all of us, but also a major source of irritation when people don’t remember their manners while using them in public places. One of the biggest blunders you can make? Answering your phone while in a job interview!! Seems obvious, I know, but believe me, it happens. If you answer your cell while in an interview for medical sales, pharmaceutical sales, laboratory sales, clinical diagnostics sales, medical supplies sales, pathology sales, imaging… Continue

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Technology sheet-use in job interview to get that medical sales job!

Sometimes candidates with degrees in the sciences find that they have a lot more information that the employer might want to know about them that just won’t fit in the traditional resume format. To combat that issue and give yourself an interview edge, consider building a “Technology Sheet” - this is a one-page, column-formated accounting of all of the technologies that you are familiar with…some candidates actually rate their expertise with each (1 to 10).

It not always necessary to… Continue

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Job Search Tip: How to Attract a Recruiter's Attention

OK, so this title isn’t nearly as cool as the title of the article I want to talk about: How to Headhunt the Headhunters, by Tara Weiss from But, that’s the way it goes. The article got my attention and it has some great information I want to pass along to you.

First, don’t just send your resume out indiscriminately. I get the concept of “flooding the market” with your info, but it just doesn’t work.

What does work? Find a recruiter who specializes in your… Continue

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Job Search Tip: Complete the Entire Job Application

Latest story: A hiring manager I am working with in medical sales asked for a completed job application, rather than just a resume. The job is a 65 -75k base, with another 45k up for grabs in commissions. Nothing to sneeze at, surely. When the manager reviewed the application, he discovered that the candidate didn’t fill out the references area or any of the money questions. (You do leave this stuff off a resume, but not off an application when they are specifically asked for.) The manager that… Continue

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PHC Consulting's You Tube Channel: job candidate's survival guide!

In my constant quest to get the word out about PHC Consulting’s top-of-the-line recruiting and employment opportunities in all areas of medical sales, I started a blog. And the blog was good. I have covered information relevant to all aspects of job searching, interviewing, networking, and sales training for pharmaceutical sales, laboratory sales, clinical diagnostics sales, cellular/molecular products sales, medical equipment and supplies sales. That kind of information has been popular, and… Continue

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It wasn't the job interview questions that cost you the job!

If I told you there was a very good way to DECREASE your chances of getting a job in medical sales (laboratory sales, pharmaceutical sales, clinical diagnostics sales, imaging sales, DNA products sales, hospital equipment sales, medical device sales, surgical supplies sales, or any healthcare sales) BY OVER 30%, you’d want to know what it was so you could avoid that at all costs, right? Here it is: it’s your Facebook page. Or your MySpace page, or other social networking site… Continue

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Orion International and PHC Consulting! need military bmets/cbets…

Most people know us for our work with medical sales! But we do about 15% to 20% of our placements within the technical support groups. So medical technologist, histologist, the molecular field applications, the field (or onsite) service engineer (bmet/cbet) or EE are key persons that we are interested in getting to know. We had a gentleman (bmet) separating from the military that contacted us from Germany! We placed him within 2 weeks of him landing here in the states. I asked him who else he… Continue

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