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Where did that hire come from, anyway? And who cares?

A long time ago – say, in the early 1990s – employers had a very good

idea where their job candidates originated. Most came from ‘word of

mouth’ and the rest via newspaper ads.

Not so today. In a world where candidates can discover jobs via Twitter, job

, social

,… Continue

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What makes you more employable in 2010? #7 Communication

To make you more employable in 2010, #7 good ‘Communication Skills’ is vital trait to master.

Effective communication is the lifeline of an organisation. Employers want to discern if you have the ability to organise your thoughts and ideas effectively to achieve business goals. Good communication not only enhances any organisations productivity, but also improves the overall working environment.

We at SMStheJob know that good communication…


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What makes you more employable in 2010? #6

Trait #6 Negotiation…


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Method in the Madness - How the # takes a life of it's own

Last week I went to a breakfast meeting to see a presenter that I’ve been hoping to meet for some time. The breakfast was organized by Word Of Mouth Uk, (W.O.M.UK.), an organisation you should check out if you are London based. The speakers were Scott Gould and Drew Ellis, the brains behind conference movement…


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The Secret Law of Business Attraction

I've come to the conclusion that most of life is just like dating--the job search, climbing the corporate ladder, or working as a consultant. Generally speaking in life everyone is out to make a connection, a sale, more money, or their soul mate. The law of attraction is widely accepted and thought of in a romantic context. And since most business relationships require a form of emotion, attraction,…


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Hiring 32 update on the Atlassian32 recruitment campaign

In August 2009 I blogged about the innovative recruitment campaign of Australian software company, Atlassian. This campaign invited open slather recruitment agency participation ... with a catch. The Atlassian32 campaign was launched with the purpose of hiring 32 software engineers for their Sydney head office.

After I posted the article on my personal blog 39 people commented on the article, easily the most number of comments any of my blog posts has received. To say… Continue

Added by Ross Clennett on February 25, 2010 at 5:20pm — 7 Comments

What makes you more employable in 2010?

Recently Stuart Parkin wrote a great article on “What makes you more employable”1…


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What Can We Learn from Ignatius Reilly?

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in confederacy against him."

— Jonathan Swift

In my spare time (loosely defined term), I have committed myself to go back and re-read some of the classic literature assigned to me during my formative years. As I have started this new year out with a moral constitution directed towards happy, positive thoughts - Heart of Darkness is still collecting dust on my bookshelf. Mr. Kurtz… Continue

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Recruiting in the light of the book - "The Discipline of Market Leaders"

I was pondering on the great business book, "The Discipline of Market Leaders" written by Michael Tracey & Fred Wiersema. The authors in their research work came out with three disciplines that exist for successful companies in the world:
1. Operational excellence
2. Product leadership
3. Customer intimacy
and I had to ask myself this question - "Where does recruiting fall into?" Any suggestion from any one?

Added by Akiode Segun on January 14, 2010 at 3:28am — 1 Comment

My New Year's Resolution - A Ban on Ceramic Dalmatians

My New Year’s Resolution is quite simple. I will no longer be brainwashed by Pat Sajak.

In a less cryptic manner of speaking – I intend on imposing a ban on “Ceramic Dalmatians.” Wait. What?

For reasons unbeknownst to me, memories of my childhood are cluttered by the recollection of watching daytime… Continue

Added by Chris Hood on January 6, 2010 at 7:00pm — 3 Comments

2 Jobs - Staffing Industry - PA & DE

(1) Sales / Business Development - King of Prussia, PA

(2) Branch Manager (Selling) - Wilmington, DE

Base + Commission = $100+K Potential

My client, a Premier Staff Augmentation Firm specializing in the Administrative Staffing field, has a need for a Business Development Account Executive for its established King of Prussia, PA office. With multiple locations around the Philadelphia Metro area; this growing firm is now looking for a Sales Professional to grow their… Continue

Added by Harry Dougherty on December 14, 2009 at 3:59pm — No Comments

I'm still a pessimistic optimist on this job market

The unemployment rate dropped from 10.2% to 10% for November. Economist thought that the rate would maintain 10.2% for November so the news I’m reading is overly positive about the .2% drop. Most of these same economist however thought the unemployment rate would peak at 10.2% in February of 2010 but we saw that number 4 months earlier in October of this year. So forgive me if I am cautiously optimistic.

According to the New York Times, Allen L. Sinai, the founder of the research… Continue

Added by Darin Manis on December 4, 2009 at 3:19pm — No Comments

Merrill brokers pressured to also be bank tellers

About a week ago I read an article in the New York Post entitled “Merrill Flinch: Retail banking push meets broker resistance.” I’ve read similar articles in Registered Rep and so on. Anyone could have (and many did) predict that this and more would happen. This is one of many instances where completely opposite and conflicting corporate cultures are going to clash.

BofA is pressuring Merrill brokers to start pushing retail banking products. The big brouhaha in the news is that BofA… Continue

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Twenty percent true unemployment in 2010?

On October 9th I posted a blog about how it might take 4 years to get unemployment back to normal. I referred to a Wall Street Journal survey of 48 economists which shows that on average these economist believed that the official unemployment rate would peak at 10.2% in February of 2010. They were half right.

The Department of Labor released the October unemployment numbers and the official unemployment rate is now at 10.2% (a 26 year high) while the true unemployment rate (including… Continue

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MBA Recruiter Update on Resume Book Release Dates

Here are the available MBA resume books for each graduating class (get started by clicking on the MBA programs below or by copying this link into your browser -

Class of 2009 Resume Books:

Many of our partner schools have added their graduates from last year's class directly into the experienced-recruiting alumni resume… Continue

Added by Ryan Pratt on November 17, 2009 at 11:18am — No Comments

Three Easy Tips for Using Twitter to Dominate Your Next Technology Conference

You’re off to the big conference, your booth is ready and the iPhone is charged but do you know how to utilize Twitter to squeeze every possible opportunity out of this conference?

1. Identify Yourself!

Any technology conference that is not held out of someone’s garage will have a hashtag associated with it. Hashtags make your tweets more easily searchable and let readers know what content your tweet will include. Confused? Search #hrtech on Twitter or and… Continue

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Hire MBA Interns from Harvard, Chicago, New York, Kellogg & more

More companies have made the strategic decision to hire MBA students through summer internships the past several years. This year is no exception. MBA Focus has been helping these companies identify and attract high-potential interns from the world's top-ranked MBA programs by using resume books powered by MBA Focus.

What are your MBA recruiting plans? Do they include summer interns? If so,… Continue

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Hiring MBA Interns Just Got Easier!

Want to make hiring an MBA easier? Pre-ordering your class of 2011 MBA intern resume books can help. You'll be able to contact top MBA professionals as soon as their resumes are posted online, and have the best shot at landing your first-choice prospects.

MBA Intern Resume Books Available Now:

Baruch College -… Continue

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Recruit MBA Interns to be Future Hires

Hiring MBA interns is a cost-effective and essential way to build your leadership talent pipeline regardless of business cycles. Smart firms have learned from past mistakes and realize they cannot afford to fall behind in leadership recruiting again. And despite the economic downturn, internship offerings increased in 2009 by 2.0% over 2008.

Firms like Kaplan, SAP,, Citi, and Deutsche… Continue

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Rules of Engagement In a Job Search

In military terms, the Rules of Engagement determine when and how much force should be applied to a given situation. The amount of force applied varies with increasing intensity depending on the level of resistance that the troops are coming up against. An example of how to respond to a level 3 resistance according to the US Marines' ROE goes as follows:

Level 3:… Continue

Added by Pedro S. Silva II on October 5, 2009 at 3:25pm — No Comments

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