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Hard Work is a Competitive Advantage

Hard work is a competitive advantage.  Most people believe that technology is the secret that will give them leverage in their careers. But it’s not. It’s about planting seeds, tending them, putting in the time, and doing the work. There is no way around that. Think of it like relationships. We would like to think that we can call someone a ‘friend’ by linking to them on a social media site. But friendships, authentic and meaningful ones, take time to build. They take work, just like one’s…


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Latest Episode of the Great Recruiter Training Podcast: Do You Suffer From Call Reluctance?

New Podcast: What It Takes To Make Successful Sales Calls

"Sales Call Reluctance Coach" Connie Kadanski interviews Scott Love to find out what it takes to make successful sales calls. Scott breaks it down into practical steps for anyone who must proactively prospect in order to succeed in their sales/recruiting role.

Listen now:

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Clarify Your Purpose

"Our firm's growth was twenty percent last year, and I'm still frustrated," he said. He was a new client, running a $30 Million a year fee-based professional services firm in San Francisco. His frustration wasn't based on a monetary or a revenue issue. It was a performance issue. To his competitors, at least those who were still in business at the end of 2003, his growth was enviable. But he knew his staff wasn't performing at their peak levels. In fact, they were underperforming. "How can I…


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Boost Your Billings

Two years ago I was watching a documentary on PBS about monkeys who lived by a river. When they showed how a monkey went about foraging for his food, I felt as if I was watching a big billing recruiter work his magic.

The monkey was looking for insects underneath river rocks. He would pick up a rock, look at it, and put it back if there was no insect. Then another rock. And another. After about a dozen rocks without a juicy insect underneath, he finally found one. He quickly picked at…


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Dude, Where's My Client?

You’ve been there before. You spent weeks and weeks recruiting on an assignment and you are sitting there scratching your head wondering why your client doesn’t call you back from any of the three messages you have left him.

Remember the first cardinal rule of human behavior? “People only do what is in their own best interests.” If that red-hot client turned into a lukewarm message-returner, then there’s some sort of reason why he isn’t calling you back.



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Game Theory and Recruiting

I'll never forget the first time I was ever kicked out of a casino.

Several years ago, I was a professional card counting blackjack player, personally mentored by the legendary MIT blackjack team. One of the key concepts they taught me was to NEVER put money on the felt unless you KNOW that you have a HIGH LIKELIHOOD of getting a return. As a result, I consistently had an advantage when I played and never took unnecessary risks or senseless gambles. The science of mathematics and… Continue

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How To Manage Achievement

A few years ago a frustrated owner called me to tell me about some frustrations he was having with his top two producers. They are like poison in the office,” he told me. “The only reason I let them stay here is because they pay the overhead. But over the last eighteen months their sloppiness, arrogance, and condescending attitude has caused seven recruiters to either quit because they couldn’t stand being around them, didn’t want to end up like them, or because they duplicated their sloppy…


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The State Of The Recruiting Industry

From my perspective as a consultant to the executive search and recruiting industry, there is a trend taking shape, and if you don’t position yourself to be in front of it then you are going to lose out on potential opportunities.

The third party recruiting landscape has changed forever. Call it a ‘correction’ if you will, but I don’t predict that our industry will ever achieve the robust status that it once had. Those days are gone and probably gone forever. Many in years past said… Continue

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The Great Recruiter Training Podcast #1

- Three Cold Calling Tips
- Call Reluctance
- Sales Expert Connie Kadansky
- NAPS Convention Promo
- NAPS Convention Special Pricing

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Seven Secrets to Getting More Done


I have listed the seven secrets to getting more done below. To see the full article, visit the ‘articles’ section at

1. Plan your day.

2. Set daily targets.

3. Start your day with intensity.

4. Focus on improving your execution.

5. Maintain an Hour by Hour Focus.

6. Distance yourself from distractions.

7. Continuously observe your day and ask… Continue

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Move that Client Forward with Little Yesses

Don’t ask your client if they would like to hire the candidate you are marketing. Because then they can say, ‘We’re not hiring,’ and your conversation is over.

Instead, move them forward with what I call ‘Little Yesses.’ One little yes moves it forward to another little yes, and then after about ten more little yesses, they are fedex’ing you a check for the candidate you just placed there.

Ask them this question: “Is this the type of candidate who can provide value to your… Continue

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Why Recruiters Fail: Self Sabotage

I wrote a blog post about why recruiters fail. I firmly believe that self sabotage is the number one reason why most recruiters aren't where they want to be. You can read about it on my blog post here:

Also, I launched my online recruiter training center today. I have free videos, free articles, and free downloads on it. Visit it at… Continue

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