It’s not often that we brag, but when we can work in a way to address common HR software issues at the same time, we’ll do it. A great way to find out if a particular software vendor is a good fit for you, is to figure out what your main concerns and issues are first. Next, you can visit cases studies or testimonials and see if others have had success in solving those issues. Here are three common HR software issues that we’ve got covered.

Lack of Technical Support

It doesn’t matter how straightforward or user-friendly new software is, questions and technical issues will arise. Many of the customers who turn to us, saw the need for HR software, so they went out and got it. A lot of vendors can offer the same helpful features like search ability or automated function, but what they won’t offer is complete support. Many of our current customers turned to us because of the support we offer. We use touch base calls for all of our clients to ensure that all their questions are answered before that lack of knowledge causes a snag in their processes.

Here’s how it works; a representative will call the customer and ask for a time to schedule a touch base call. This pro-active tech support allows the user to collect questions and feedback from their team and work with a tech support representative at a time that is convenient for them. Here’s what one of our users, a city government client said,

“I just want to say that I LOVE the touch base calls. When I got the call scheduling it, I thought: that is exactly what I need. I use and have always appreciated the technical support. But, there are those pesky questions that come up that you don't want to bother technical support with and those add up. It was great to have a chance to ask some of those. Having this opportunity definitely increases my user satisfaction, so if that's your goal...accomplished!”

It’s Great, but How Do I Use It?

Many vendors with flashy expo booths or great salespeople do have genuinely good products, but training isn’t part of the package, and ongoing training certainly isn’t. What good is a Ferrari if you don’t know how to drive a stick? Lack of, or improper training can have big effects on productivity and more importantly, how the new technology is received. If no one knows how to use it, no one is going to want to use it. That means a whole lot of wasted money and time. The training and support have to be as good as the product. Here’s what one of our clients in consulting said,

Cyber Recruiter is one of the finest software packages that I have ever experienced in business. The customer service and training by Visibility Software staff is equally outstanding.”

Going further, Visibility Software now offers every client their own dedicated, free HRIS expert. Each client gets their very own pilot of their cloud. Now when you need to configure your system to exactly your specifications, it won’t take time away from your busy schedule. This additional support makes it possible for recruiters to stop worrying about technical issues, and start recruiting.

Can I Speak to a Human…Please!?

What a lot of HR software companies don’t get, when setting up their technical support, is that their customers aren’t software people, they’re recruiting and HR people. A knowledge library, or self-help portal are just not going to cut it sometimes. Especially when dealing with technology, it can be extremely helpful to talk to a real human who can guide you through the learning and discovery process step-by-step. One city government client wrote us to show her appreciation,

“I have had the good fortune of having Kelle Bickel handle some of my technical support calls and I just had the chance to have the touch base call with her. She has been consistently wonderful to work with. She is friendly, clear, concise and patient. I get the sense that she truly cares about helping me get my job done and use the system the way it was designed.”

Choosing the right software for the specific needs of the organization goes far beyond price and features; support and training will define the success of the software. Initial tech support will only take a team so far. Continued training, updates and round the clock support are a vital part of any software. For more information on choosing the right talent management or training software check out our resources page; we’ve got comparison tools, a blog and whitepapers to help with you software questions.

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photo credit: Zach Klein via photopin cc

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