A Business Plan that Works: Santa’s Got it All!

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When you think of the holidays, what comes to mind? How about holiday carols and jingle bells? Snow flakes and hot chocolate? Or… how about presents wrapped in colorful paper, a red suit and a white beard? If you’ve got Santa on your mind, it means that Santa Claus has done his job and done it well! You see, there are certainly some business lessons to be learned from Jolly Ol’ St. Nick. Why is Santa so successful? Well, he’s got the tools he needs all around him! Ranging from a great support staff, to the right marketing tools... he’s got it all.

This week’s blog post follows tradition in our love for lists (check out our previous Behave for Business, Networking Event and Halloween posts) and we’ve created a special edition holiday list in honor of the upcoming holiday!

What is Santa’s secret recipe for success?

Reindeer a.k.a. the facilitators -Santa’s reindeer have always been able to get him from place to place quickly and efficiently. They’ve helped Santa spread his holiday cheer, and he’d be lost without them. Well, we may not have our own personal reindeer here in the corporate world, but we certainly have individuals in the workplace whose role is to help expand our reach every day while doing it quickly and efficiently! These individuals help businesses grow and make things easier all around. That’s why they’re the facilitators in any organization and play such a key role.

Elves a.k.a. the assistants - Santa may have millions upon millions of toys to deliver, and he certainly can’t meet this demand all on his own. So, he calls upon his elves to help match these needs. Elves are “do’ers” and basically, they get things done. They are the producers of any organization, and also vital to reaching success.

Mrs. Claus a.k.a. a main support system outside of work -Santa may spend most of his time working towards the dreams and wishes of children around the world, leaving a limited amount of time to spend with Mrs. Claus. In a way, we are all like Santa Claus – we actually spend more time at work than we do with our loved ones. Our interaction with those close to us, however, is vital. Having a strong support system at home can make a world of a difference in our professional lives, so it’s important to have at least one person you can turn to outside of work for this kind of encouragement.

Children a.k.a. the customers - Santa is great at sales! Why? Because he understands the customer, their needs and has created a need for his services in return! These “customers” need Santa, and he needs them in return. Therefore, he’s created a mutually beneficial relationship that works out on all sides. Not too bad for a guy whose known for making his lists and checking them twice!

Toys a.k.a. the product –
Customers would probably agree that Santa sells the best product in the world. Why? Because it’s EXACTLY what these customers are looking for! If you listen to your customers like Santa listens to kids, you’ll be able to provide the perfect product based on the wants and needs of your customers.

The Costume a.k.a. the personal brand - In order to be well-recognized, you need to have a good personal brand. It’s all part of a bigger marketing strategy. You need to be known for something, and Santa does this better than anyone else. You can’t mistake the white beard, red coat, rosy cheeks and cheerful demeanor with anyone else. Many may try to replicate it (cough cough, “mall Santas” out there… I’m talking to you…), but few get it down perfectly. As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery…

Ho..Ho..Ho.. a.k.a. the catch phrase/motto -
Ever get a corporate jingle stuck in your head? Or heard a saying in a commercial that’s just infectious? Well, Santa’s got his own trademark phrase. We all know that “ho.. ho.. ho..” means Santa has come to town! He’s made it his own, and no one can take that away. If you’re interested in differentiating yourself in business, why not come up with a catch phrase, a trademark or a motto?

While this post was certainly intended to be whimsical, we do encourage you to take some serious thought about your own business strategies! Next time you watch a holiday classic and Kris Kringle pops up, take a closer look – you may just learn a little something to take to work!

SkillStorm wishes all a very merry holiday season!

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