Attract More Millennials to Your Job Openings

According to Pew Research, Millennials surpassed Generation X in the workforce as the largest group of employees. In 2015, they made up a third of the workforce. Many projections estimate this group of employees will continue to grow to as high as 50% of the workforce. As Baby Boomers continue to retire, this group is growing into management positions and driving business strategies and growth. Millennials are often regarded with some confusion in the workplace.  Many senior leaders still view them as the babies they raised.  But the Millennial generation is grown up and they're savvy.  This generation came of age in a time of great economic uncertainty. Survivors have had to adapt and evolve with a variety of skills to endure hard times. This has defined many of them as top talent, critical to the health of your organization.  To attract these savvy candidates, your recruiting process will have to adapt as well.

Hire More Millennials the Easy Way

Millennials are one of the most mobile groups of employees in the workforce.  Approximately 58% of Millennials expect to leave their job in the next 3 years. Why are they leaving?  Often, it's to better their opportunities such as pay and benefits or to grow their skills.  In order to attract these wanderlust employees, it's important to know how to reach them.  Try the following tips to attract more Millennials to your organization:

  • Become digitally mature.  Digital maturity has become a defining factor for why candidates would join one organization over another.  It makes sense that Millennials would want to join a digitally mature organization.  After all, Millennials grew up with technology from the time they were in preschool. But did you know a recent Deloitte study also found that 70% of employees aged 20 to 60 want to work for digitally mature companies?  Technology continues to progress and to attract Millennials,  you're going to have to advance with it.  If you're still managing systems using Excel spreadsheets, it's time for an upgrade. Show off your digital prowess with items like video interviews.  This impressive and immersive technology not only presents a digitally mature employer brand, but it also elevates your candidate experience.
  • Offer insight into the company.  Millennials choose jobs in different ways than generations before them.  Often, they do research into what a company's culture is like, what their daily life at work might be like, and what others think about the team.  To attract more Millennials to your organization, it's necessary to become more transparent.  Try creating a Company Culture page, offering pictures to show what it's like to work at your organization.  Consider including videos of the team in action or testimonials from employees.  This kind of information and insight resonates well with Millennials.
  • Communicate opportunities for growth.  In a global study on Millennials, Deloitte found that Millennials craved clear leadership and growth opportunities in comparison to their older counterparts. 63% of Millennial respondents didn't feel their organization made full use of their skill set. In an age of economic uncertainty, employed Millennials had to develop a wide variety of skills.  Like little sponges, they soaked up information and crave more to continue to grow. To attract this group of workers, your organization is going to have to become specific about what kinds of opportunities are available to facilitate this growth. Consider training programs, mentorship programs, and opportunities for interdepartmental teams.  Communicating these kinds of opportunities enhances your ability to attract and hire skilled Millennials.
  • Make your recruiting process mobile friendly. mobile recruiting process is becoming the new norm. According to Glassdoor, 90% of candidates will search for jobs from a mobile device. As technology continues to march forward, so too will Millennial candidates, eager to embrace change. Consider revamping the entry points into your hiring process such as your Career page. Try improving this to include applications with LinkedIn. This one change can enhance your quality of hire by as much as 49%. 
  • Use video to tell a more compelling story. Video is so popular that Google has retooled its algorithm to prioritize video content. Digitally savvy Millennials consume video at rapid rates.  By presenting video as a part of your recruiting content, you can attract more Millennials to your open jobs. Video can further provide insight into the team and life at the company, providing the information and transparency that Millennials desire.
  • Give back.  Millennials want to give back and they want to do so in their career.  According to The Intelligence Group, 64% of Millennials want to make the world a better place. Is your company a green company? Advertise your green initiatives on your company website. Connect the work you do to improving the lives of others and you'll attract more Millennial candidates.

The old models of recruiting and retaining top talent have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to attracting Millennials to your organization. This growing group of workers know exactly what they want from their next job and are willing to change jobs in order to get it. With some small adjustments, your organization can attract more of tomorrow's leaders today.

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