Finished at 50? - Don't be 'dumb' and accept it - Fight back!

Finished at 50? I think not!

But if you are over 50, some of you do need to go about your job hunting with a new approach.

Here is a tip for each of your well-lived decades:

1. Sort out your CV/resume.

  • Remove your date of birth
  • Don't date your jobs before, say 1995. Nobody really cares what you did then anyway.
  • List your achievements in this century only
  • Disguise your age, but don't lie
  • Re-write your CV. It could probably do with a re-write anyway (most could to be fair)
  • Don't mention the Bee Gees as your favourite band

2. Sort out your LinkedIn profile

  • Do the same with your LinkedIn profile as with your CV/resume
  • Get a professional photo - not something scabby from 1990 - your haircut will give you away!
  • Don't admit you belong to the Barry Manilow Appreciation Society

3. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, get one pronto!

  • Just do it. You look irrelevant, or at least dated, without one. At least APPEAR connected.
  • Don't bother to start Twittering. You'll start to dance like your dad next.

4. Be careful what you say.

  • Don't fret about your age to recruiters or potential employers - you appear intimidated
  • Don't ask if your age is a disadvantage - Don't even think it - it's a mindset thing
  • Get a Skype account and list the address on your CV - you look connected - and don't say "I've never used it before"

5. Look the part!

  • Get a decent suit!
  • Get your teeth sorted!
  • Clip the hair sprouting from your nose and ears - and clip your eyebrows. Monobrows are so yesterday!
  • Get a decent haircut. Spend more than £6.50/$9.50.
  • Don't try too hard - but do try

50 is a state of mind. It's not easy if you're over 50, but right now it's damned difficult being 21 too - especially if you're Spanish!

Don't be something you're not, but make an effort. Sit up straight and have some energy and positivity. Age is largely a state of mind. Worry about it when you're 80.

If you're 50+ and I'm getting you riled, don't bother.

I'm 56.

(This blog was originally published April 2012 on my headhunting blog at

Written by Martin Ellis -

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