How to Leave a Great Impression in a Job Interview

When it comes to job interviews, you should leave no stone unturned. While you might have all the necessary qualifications for a position, you won’t be alone. There will be plenty of other equally-qualified applicants. You need to not just show that you are qualified but that you’re also the most qualified. Here are five tips on how to leave a great impression in a job interview.

Arrive Early

Fashionably late? That might work for dinner parties, but it’s a huge faux pas when it comes to job interviews. The time of the interviewer and company is incredibly valuable. By arriving late, you’re showing them that you don’t take those things (or getting hired) seriously. Plus, you might indicate that you wouldn’t be coming to work on time if you were hired. Leave at least 20 minutes early. That way, you can make it through any unexpected scenarios, like traffic. You can use the extra time to review your notes or practice some deep breathing exercises.

Do Your Research

You need to make sure that you learn as much as possible before a job interview. It doesn’t have to be like you’re studying for a final exam. When you apply for the job, you should jot some notes down about the company. You should know about when the company was founded, who the top brass are, and any recent developments. Bring these up in a fluid matter whenever it would be relevant. You want to make it clear that you aren’t just going through job interviews mindlessly. Instead, you should display a vested interest in working for this particular business.

Have Stories

Don’t bore the interviewer with irrelevant anecdotes. Instead, you should think about accomplishments of yours and how they would make you a good fit. Keep focused on work achievements, such as times when you have had great leadership development strategies. Talk about how your past supervisors have commended you. If you have any awards, tell them about what you did to achieve those. Your actions in the workplace will say a lot about how well you’ll do as an employee.

Ask Questions

Just about every interview will end with asking if you have any questions. This isn’t an empty invitation to further conversation. They want to know what you’re curious about. If you just tell them “no,” they’ll think you aren’t interested. Ask them questions that show your curiosity and excitement. You might consider asking them about any future developments or what you could expect from your first day. This will also help you, as it will help them imagine you in the position. Think of several questions that you want to answer before the interview. Ask any that aren’t answered and take note of them.

Send a Thank-You Note

You should obviously thank the interviewer when the interview is complete. You should also send a thank-you note the day of or the day after. Tell them about how you appreciate being considered. It doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate. Address them by name, write a nice note of gratitude, and then sign your name. This might not guarantee you get the job. However, it will keep you in their thoughts and might help you out should another opportunity arise.

There’s no way to ensure that you get a job. However, there are things you can do to make a strong impression. You want to show genuine enthusiasm to the interviewer that makes them excited about the prospect of you working for them. With these tips, you can leave the best impression possible in a job interview.

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