Sourcecon Spring 2018 the recap Day 2 General Sessions!!

Sourcecon Spring 2018 day 2, General Sessions. There were 5 general session on Day 2.  


First up; Jessica Clark on Social Engineering. A lot of this is serious social engineering and influencing.  She speaks about Maslaw’s Hierarchy of needs which include starting at the top of the pyramid; Self Actualization(inner Fulfillment), Esteem(Self Worth), Social(relationships), Security(Physical and employment safety), and Physiological(food, water, shelter, and Warmth). To me the general idea here is in the world of Social Engineering like in recruiting were we make a Persona of the perfect candidate, Social Engineers make a persona of their target audience. She goes through a great guide to Facebook ad Targeting.


Next up is Glen Cathey the Human Element of Sourcing Cadidates. BOOK ALERT; “Social Engineering, The art of Human Hacking”. 90% of Global Professionals want to hear about new opportunities. BOOK ALERT; “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Techniques for building relationships and influencing people; 1st Impressions, Rapport, Objections, Empathy, Mirroring, Framing, Preloading, Elicitation, Scarcity, Emotion, Curiosity, Social Proof, Reciprocity, Assume, and Referrals.


Now Its Pete Radloff and “Shiny Object Syndrome”. The premise here is to do your homework, fully check out a new tool, system or software before you buy. Ensure it meets you needs, and does not violate any issues and most importantly solves a problem.


Next up Is Allison Kruse “Use Social Engineering to Influence Other to Build Positive Relationships”.  5 Fundamentals of Influence and Persuasion; Develop sensory acuity, Build rapport, Get in touch with yourself, Set goals, Be Flexible. If you combine this with what Glen Cathey talked about you should be set to build relationships and influence others.


Lastly Katrina Kibben and How advertising can infuse Sourcing Strategy. Lots of buss words like; PPC, CPC, Cookie etc. Long story short build a media Persona of your target audience and then utilize all you learned to target your audience with your marketing and job campaigns.


That’s it for day 2 General Sessions, next week we will start with day 2 Anonymous sessions.

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