By Pat Meehan

In this time of recession and recovery, the greatest opportunities of your life lie ahead of you. Your mind and your being, combined with purpose, will produce your best work yet. Never suppose that you are nearly finished, for you are just beginning. When you graduated from high school or college you didn’t stop your education by a long shot. That was just the beginning of your education. Your formal education taught you how to learn. Your ability to learn takes you on an endless journey of education and success. It’s time for you put into practice the four T’s of success.

Think: In all the chaos and confusion in the world around you, just stop and think. Take yourself away from the daily turmoil that causes frustration and just think. Think about what you have done, who you have met, who has made an impact on your life and which lives you may have impacted. Think about the peace that came from these wonderful things and then think about doing it again,… more often, in a bigger way, a better way, and forever for the rest of your life.

Talk: What else makes more of a difference than talking? Maybe listening does, but listening happens when you have someone you can talk with, exchange ideas with, interact with, brainstorm with, appreciate and communicate with.
Your whole career is a conversation.
Someone says something to you and you say something back, and thus, an exchange of ideas begins to happen which will lead to many more conversations with many other people. Communication is the link that ties human beings together and through communication, many chains of human connection are developed. Another way to describe this dynamic is to call it Relationship Building. We build relationships through communication with one another.

Trust: Allow yourself to make a mistake and allow others to witness. Trust others so much that even if they laugh at you, you will still trust them again and again. By doing so, in such an open way, they will learn to trust you and they will follow your lead. With trust comes leadership and courage. In trust the fear of failing goes out the window and progress will surely happen because you will always try again and again. Trust in yourself and trust in others and you will always find yourself at the foot of greatness and pointed only in an upward direction.

Train: With the first three T’s in place your mind becomes an endless vessel to be filled with knowledge, wisdom, purpose and accomplishment. The mind never stops the learning process until we cease to think, which is the first of the four T’s of success. Train today, tomorrow, and every day for the rest of your life. Appreciate the new things you learn each day and through appreciation you will learn even more.

If you practice the four T's of success, there will be no more hurry and haste, and no more time to waste. You have all the time in the world for you will never retire from purposeful activity. Have a good day and take a moment and Think!

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Comment by Karen Bucks on April 22, 2010 at 5:39pm
Great post!!
Comment by Jodi on April 23, 2010 at 12:05am
Another great post Pat!


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