Things to notice in a face-to-face interview

The activities prior to an interview such as screening and shortlisting candidates are important in finding the right candidates.But face-to-face interviews remain the most critical means for hiring even today.

Body Language

Look out for positive body language pointers like a comfortable smile, straight posture, eye contact, relaxed shoulders, and appropriate use of hand gestures.


The best way to gauge confidence is to keep a tab on what the candidate does or says. A comfortable, clean dress keeping in mind any cultural nuances is very important to make the correct first impression. A firm handshake signifies a positive attitude.

Ability to handle unfavorable situations

The interviewer can check how the candidate performs in case she is put through an unfavorable situation in an interview. This mirrors the real-life situation when candidates are expected to react in real-time and think on their feet.

Clarity of purpose and thought

The Candidate should be able to clearly define her thought process and amicably defend her viewpoints on the subject under discussion. The way the argument or a situation is presented in words and action says a lot about the mental makeup and line of thought of the person.

Come prepared

The candidate is expected to come prepared with the knowledge of current job, company, and possibly hiring team as well. This can easily be tested by asking simple questions like ‘Hope you are aware about our product line or major revenue streams’ or ‘You must have gone through our CEO’s Linkedin profile’.

Even if you do not get an exact answer from the person, the way the candidate articulates an answer can say a lot.

Group Interviews

A very good way of knowing the analytical skills of a candidate is by studying their behavior in a group environment. A group panel interview helps you identify the candidate’s ability to handle multiple customers or stakeholders’ attention at the same time. An interview where candidates are interviewed in a group helps to identify the candidate’s ability to come out as a winner in a competitive environment amongst their peers.

Questions from the candidate

Asking the candidate “Do you have anything to ask from us?” gives her a totally open ground. Somebody with initiative and zeal should pick up this opportunity to turn the conversation into an interesting one. The candidate should not ask only for the sake of asking but there has to be a good amount of relevance to the current conversation as well.

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