What Does the Phrase "Job Offer" Mean, Really? (And Why Care?)


From the perspective of someone who actually knows what ‘job offer’ means, it is probably semantically appropriate to point out that when a Headhunter contacts someone who might be (chances are pretty slim) a “candidate”, that act of 'reaching out' is NOT in itself a ‘job offer’. Headhunters do not initiate ‘job offers’. They do not have the power to do so, generally speaking. However, they can initiate contact with a potential candidate (the candidate is very lucky if he/she gets past the first screening, after submitting a resume) to DISCUSS the possibility of a job opportunity.

Realistically, no one can get “30 Job Offers a Month” unless they are actively out interviewing on a daily basis. Offers for minor candidates like software engineers, who earn well below $1 million per year, are not extended without at least one or more interviews… probably worth mentioning, since the purported author (who claims to be named ‘Megan Garber’, although the anagram of her name is “Germane Brag”, which seems to me to be overstating her own skills) of this article —

(http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/02/imagine-getti... )

apparently doesn’t know what a ‘job offer’ is. She’s blown the whole concept of ‘jobs’ and ‘offers’ altogether.  She’s a fiction writer, mostly. At least she has a sense of drama, though. Her recent article on drones in Japanese Dance performances was interesting.  In my experience, almost NO ONE extends a 'job offer' to any candidate unless they are one of those examples of modern slavery (i.e. professional athletes), who might get traded to another sports franchise without being consulted. 

I would have to surmise that IF software engineers were ACTUALLY receiving 30 job offers per month, that would mean that they are incredibly unhappy with being software engineers. I can’t imagine anyone so desperate that they would interview for 30 different jobs, and receive offers for each one, simply because they are miserable at their current job… why wouldn’t they pick one of the 30 job offers?

Since they don’t change jobs every month, that would imply that they are not being given any offers that are actually worth changing jobs for. So, one has to conclude that anyone who receives 30 job offers a month is probably an idiot who cannot make up their mind, and isn’t happy at their job, and is probably performing poorly… semantically speaking.

This other (more responsibly written) article in “The Atlantic” would seem to indicate that recruiting email is very clearly NOT spam, in any legal sense of the word:http://www.theatlantic.com/tec…

Recruiting is a $100+ billion per year industry, accounting for at most 1% of all email. Spam, as 80% or 90% of all email, is only a $200 million per year industry. “Cast not your pearls before swine” is probably the best solution to the complaints.

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