What Millennials are Looking for in a Boss

As an employer, you might work with a lot of Millennial employees. You may even see your Millennial employees as being a big part of your company's future. Therefore, you probably want to make sure that you are leading them in the right direction. Millennials are often looking for different things than their older counterparts when it comes to employment, and this includes what they expect and hope for from their bosses. These are some of the things that many of today's employees are looking for in a boss.


Ample Training

Millennials like to be able to grow in their careers, and they like to be able to sharpen their skills. Ensuring that you offer ample sales training and other types of training to help your employees get better at their jobs is important. This will help your employees feel as if they are learning and growing, and it will help you ensure that you have the best of the best working for you.


Someone Who Understands Their Unique Needs

Millennials often have different needs and preferences when it comes to the workplace. Many like the option to have a flexible schedule or to be able to work from home; this is particularly important among many Millennials who have kids. Some like to have more room to spread out and be creative when they're working, while others like to have peace and quiet. Working to identify what your employees are looking for in the workplace and doing what you can to accommodate them can make a big difference.


A Focus on a Diverse Workplace

A diverse, inclusive workplace is very important to many of the Millennials who are in the workplace. Implementing policies that can help with hiring a more diverse workforce is a good way to achieve this goal. Your Millennial employees may also appreciate it if you take other steps, such as providing diversity training.


Frequent Feedback

Another thing that you may want to focus on with your Millennial employees is ensuring that you frequently provide them with feedback about their work. Unlike some of your older employees, your Millennial employees may expect for you to let them know if they are doing their job correctly. Giving them feedback will help them make necessary changes so that they can ensure that they are doing their work properly in the future. Letting them know when they are doing things well can also help motivate them and help you ensure that they stay on the right track. Of course, the feedback does not have to be anything formal. Sending them a quick email or text message at the conclusion of a project, for example, should be ample.


Use of Modern Technology

Many Millennials would rather text or send emails than talk on the phone, so try to remember this when communicating with your Millennial employees. Additionally, remember that Millennials often grew up with technology and really know how to use it. This can actually be beneficial for your company; if you allow your Millennial employees the chance, they may be able to use social media and other forms of technology to help grow your business.

As someone in a managerial position in your workplace, doing what you can to help and guide your employees in the best way possible is important. These are some of the things that your Millennial employees might be looking for; if you focus on providing these things, you can help attract better employees and can help ensure that your Millennial employees are happy and productive.

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Comment by Mark de Leeuw on October 16, 2017 at 9:18am

 As a millennial, I especially agree with the training and feedback points. One thing I would add is a show of faith from management. The cliche of being job hoppers has a lot to do with companies not committing to their young employees. Most of these points can be implemented from the moment you start to hire new young talent. This article has a great guide on how to attract such talent: http://bit.ly/2ys61Mt


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