Your iPhone might be able to identify strangers soon!

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It used to be you snapped a picture of your friend, posted the image on Facebook and then go in and tag your friend. That was so 27 seconds ago. “Klik” is a new application that basically does the tagging for you.

How it works: Simply point your phone at the person. Once Klik detects your friend’s face, it will then connect to your Facebook account looking for your friend or it will scan your iPhone looking for previous photos you’ve tagged that person in. Once you snap the picture, your friend is automatically tagged.

For some this new fun app may seem intrusive, even a violation of privacy. Others may see it as the evolution of technology. While this particular application is limited to people you know, it may not be too long before technology lets you point your camera at a total stranger and instantly reveals who they are. I love this point – that’s so freaky!

What you’re opinion about these latest advancements? We’d love to hear from you.

iPhone Just Got More Connected With Tether

The iPhone app Tether has been rereleased. This app allows you to plug your computer in to your iPhone and use the Internet connection to access the web, without additional carrier costs. If you’ve ever been in an interview or a meeting with a client and wanted to access the Internet to show off an aspect of your work and had no connection, you’ll understand how useful this app could be.

Back in November, iTether launched an iPhone app for $14.99, but it was removed by Apple after only 20 hours, reportedly because ‘it was a burden to the carrier network’. It may also have been a threat to the wireless carrier companies who charge for hotspot service. Regardless of the reason Apple dropped iTether, this new HTML5 Tether for iPhone will be available soon with an introductory cost of $15 a year and does not require you to purchase an app from the Apple store.

With this new HTML5 version of Tether all you have to do is open Safari on your iPhone, then go to and run the client on your PC or Mac and plug it into your iPhone and you’re ready to go. Since this is a browser based program, there should be no problem with Apple or your carrier.

For those of who are on the go and can’t always depend on WiFi being where we need it, Tether gives us more opportunity at a low price.

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